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Fire Safety Risk Assessment:

Welcome to the Smart Pro Move Ltd trading as The Fire Risk Assessment in partnership with Smart Property Service’, we are one of the UK’s fastest-growing names in the Fire Risk Assessment survey industry.
If you are the owner of a building or if you are responsible for the building, then it’s important to do all you can do to lessen the risk of fire to keep the people of the building and their lives safe. It’s your legal duty and your responsibility as a good human being as well. If you are wondering that what is a fire risk assessment? Then take a careful look at your premises and the individuals as well who use them, from the perspective of fire prevention as it’s all about understanding the risks. To keep people safe, it improving the safety precautions.

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Identify People at Risk

  • Have you identified who is at risk?
  • Have you identified why they are at risk?

Identify Fire Hazards

  • Have you identified all potential fuel sources?
  • Have you identified all potential ignition sources?

Evaluate the Risk

  • Are your fire safety measures are adequate?
  • Are regular fire drills carried out?

Record your Findings

  • Have you recorded the significant findings of your assessment?
  • Are your records available for inspection by the enforcing authority?

Review and Revise

  • Do you review your fire safety risk assessment when there is any reason to suspect that your assessment is no longer valid

Fire Safety

  • Most fires in the home can be prevented, by taking some basic and common sense precautions. This section will help you to inspect your home

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