sleeping Accommodation

Fire Risk Assessment of Sleeping Accommodation

It gives advice about sleeping accommodation for staff, common areas for residents and sleeping, dining or other accommodation for guests/residents including:

  • the common areas of sheltered accommodation where care is not provided
  • bed and breakfasts, guest houses, holiday chalets, holiday flat complexes, camping, caravan and holiday parks (other than privately owned individual units)
  • areas in work places where staff ‘sleeping in’ is a condition of the employment or a business requirement as in licensed premises or hotels

Here is the fire safety risk assessment sleeping accommodation:

  1. Identifying the fire hazards is the first thing:

As all of us know that there is always something that starts the fire, the most common 3 things that starts the fire are:

  1. A source of ignition.
  2. Fuel.
  3. Oxygen.

You can easily lessen the chances of fire occurring in the home by ensuring that all of these do not come together.

  1. Identify people at risk:

It’s the same when it comes to fire risk assessment requirements for flats, any individual who are in and around the premises should be considered to be at risk. But apart from that there are people who need specific attention for example, individuals who are sleeping, individuals with disabilities, children and people who are in isolated conditions.

  1. Evaluate or reduce the risks:

To evaluate the risk of a fire occurring, look at the premises and try to identify the areas first where this incident can happen or occur, as there are three main ways in which a fire could start that you should bear in mind: Accidentally, by an act or an omission and deliberately.

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