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Fire Safety Risk Assessment

It is the duty of every landlord to reduce the risk of fire from his building. It is eminent for him to take the necessary steps to meet the standards of Fire Safety Risk Assessment. A thorough Fire Safety Risk Assessment lets you investigate the fire safety equipment. You are able to assess the prominent fire hazards. A Fire assessment team tackles the process of fire safety risk assessment.

What Is A Fire Safety Risk Assessment?

It is an organised methodology of checking out the activities of your premises to ensure that their won’t be any kind of harm related to the fire. The premise is provided with the relevant fire safety mechanisms and equipment.

What Does The Fire Assessor Do?

A fire assessor knows how to perform the fire assessment task. He is responsible for identifying the fire hazards. He has to make a calculated decision whether to remove or reduce the risk of fire. If your office or shop has a boiler installed, you need to have the necessary fire safety equipment. The fire safety assessor is responsible for evaluating the risk of fire. He has to protect the building from any fire catching accidents. The concerned staff of the building should educate themselves with the necessary precautions. The building exits should be mentioned in the file. The file should also mention the high risk areas of the building.

The risk of fire needs to be monitored frequently. There has to be a documented file which shows the Fire Safety Risk Assessment. Every building needs to maintain the Fire Safety Risk Assessment file and needs to make sure that it is always updated. The fire assessment file should come with all the relevant information regarding the fire. If the building catches fire, a fire alert system should detect it.

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